Tax Preparation for Individuals and Families

tax services for individuals and families

Tax Preparation

This is were it all began for us. We work to get you every possible legal deduction and we do it right. We work with individuals, families and small businesses. And we don’t disappear after April 15th, we are open year-round should you need us. Our pricing includes one free hour post-filing assistance should the IRS or a state revenue department request clarification on how we have prepared your return. We also guarantee our work.

Tax Planning

It is not just the rich that can benefit from tax planning. One look at your return and we can usually tell you where improvements might be made. Whether you need to lower your tax rate, reduce the tax on your social security, harvest tax losses on your investments or whatever, we can help. TIMING IS IMPORTANT One of the most important things you can do to help yourself is see us before you make a change. All too often we get visits from clients that have made a change in their finances that results in negative tax consequences, usually a needless increase in a tax bill. We stress to all of our clients; please stop by or give us a call to go over changes in your life that may have tax implications (see chart). Whether it is buying a house or borrowing money from a 401(k), please ask us what the tax implications might be. It may save you some money.

Past Year Returns

Has it been awhile since you filed a return? Need to file several years to get that loan? IRS on your case to file? Let us help. We do not charge extra for past year returns and even give a multi-year discount. Believe it or not, we also find that many of our past due tax returns generate a refund for the taxpayer!! But that only works if you file within 3 years of the due date of the past due return. While the IRS can go back many years beyond that and demand payment, you can only go back 3 years in asking for a refund.

Out-of-State Returns

We can prepare returns for all states with an income tax. Our fee for a state return is only $35.

Multiple Year Filing

Have 10 years of returns to file, no problem. We often do multiple year filings and even offer a discount when we do. This need often arises in mortgage applications, bankruptcy cases, tax resolution cases and for any variety of reasons. You wouldn’t believe how often we perform this service.  

Special Offer

Bring in your past two years taxes and we’ll look them over for missed deductions for free! (Offer not valid between January 15 and May 15)