Taxes From Your Couch

The majority of our clients do not really need to come to the office to get their tax returns prepared. We do like to meet our clients at least once but it doesn’t always happen. Perhaps 20% of our clients have situations where a face-to-face meeting is desirable or necessary.

For the 80%, AFS offers tax preparation services that you can access without leaving your home yet still provide you the personal touch of a local preparer that knows you and knows your personal situation. We have done this for years for many of our clients that have moved away from the area.
AFS staff are available year-round should you have questions on your return or need some advice on your tax situation. And, we keep copies of your returns for 3 years should you need them.

So, how does this program work? It’s easy. Below is everything I think you need to know.

  • The most common question if you are a new client is how much?
    • Go here for a free tax preparation quote. You can also see a discussion on how our prices are determined.
  • How do I get my tax documents to you? There are several ways:
    • You can personally drop them off. If you are a new client, we would love to meet you in person but it is not necessary. As you might guess, this process takes just a few minutes as we collect or update necessary information.
    • You can mail or email or fax your documents to us. Our address is Aurora Financial Services 2851 S Parker Rd Ste 1260 Aurora, CO 80014. If you email, send to either or Our fax number is 303-309-3912.
    • You can request a link to our secure portal. Other than dropping papers off, this is the most secure way to protect your confidential information. Send an email to with NEED LINK in the subject line and we will send you the link to set up your free portal site. The link is good for 24 hours. After that, you must request the link again if your account hasn’t been setup. We generally set the portal site to retain information for 5 years unless you request otherwise. After that, it is erased and unavailable.
  • How long does it take to get my results? If we have all the information needed, we can typically complete your return in 24-48 hours. If we are missing something or need clarification, we will contact you by phone or email or both to collect that data.
  • How do I pay?
    • Check
    • Cash
    • Credit cards including Visa, MC and Discover
  • How do I sign my return?
    • We can collect signatures digitally if you have a computer with a mouse
    • We can fax or email the documents we need signed and you can return in whatever way is most convenient
  • How do I get copies of my return?
    • We can email you a copy
    • We can mail you a copy
    • We can fax you a copy
    • We can upload a copy to the secure portal
    • We can meet with you to review your return at the time of pickup. This would be preferred if you have a more complicated return. I know this isn’t ‘from the couch’ but it does save you from the boredom of sitting in the office watching somebody type numbers into the software.
  • Note that we cannot e-file or provide full copies of the return until payment and signatures are received.

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