Senior Discount

If the primary taxpayer or spouse in your household is 65 or over, we will prepare your tax
return for $102*. To receive this discount, we need to have your tax information in hand by
March 21 st , 2020. You can drop off, fax or upload to our secure portal, or schedule an in-office
appointment that takes place between now and March 21st.

*Preparation will include your Federal and CO return, your Schedule A if itemizing and Schedule
B for interest and dividends. Income statements such as wages, social security and pensions are

You may incur additional charges if forms other than those mentioned above are needed to
prepare your return.

You may be interested in knowing that your tax preparer is available off season should you have
questions. Common questions in this age group include :

 We’re downsizing, will I have to pay taxes when I sell my house?
 Will working after I retire affect my social security?
 What happens if I convert my residence into a rental?
 I am inheriting some money, will I have to pay taxes on that?
 Can I take money from my IRA to pay medical expenses without paying taxes on the
 Can I give money to my kids without either of us paying taxes on it?
 And many more

We can also provide tax planning, especially for businesses.

Call us today, start saving right away. Now and each year after.

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