You may now have a chance to have your complaints about the IRS heard by a self-styled watchdog group that is trying to independently audit the IRS with the help of taxpayers.

The Tax Revolution Institute— a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that says it wants to promote “justice and integrity in the tax system”—has created a new website,, where it hopes to collect personal experiences from taxpayers about their encounters with the IRS.

I  know nothing about this group and can’t speak to their agenda or likelihood of success but if one of their goals is to try and highlight the Greek tragedy that is called IRS customer service, I am all for it.

The IRS claims that all of their problems result from budget reductions but we all remember the conservative bashing policies the IRS put in place, the lavish all-expense paid parties the IRS had in Vegas and around the country, Lois Lerner and other IRS administrators taking the fifth in Congressional investigations, the hundreds of lawyers hired to help the IRS defend itself from investigations, etc., etc.  I can’t help but wonder, and this is my opinion,  if the cuts in service are just administrative attempts to get people mad enough to contact their Congressmen and ask to have budgets restored so that they can continue to party on as they have in the past.

That’s my vent.  Thanks for listening.

Anyway, the Tax Revolution Institute is asking any taxpayers, business owners, government employees to submit information about their experiences with the IRS, either positive or negative, to The group said it will never publish any personally identifying information, unless it is invited to do so by the person who provided it.

Have a complaint?  It might help to let them know.  Don’t think it can hurt.